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My opinion about "Branding aqui y ahora 2008" by Leslie de Chernatony

Finishing with my posts about 2008 Branding Conference, I asked to our main speaker, Leslie de Chernatony, to write a brief post about his thoughts after being with us.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. De Chernatony:

I had the pleasure of meeting Amaia Aizpuru and Mikel Mesonero on 14 and 15 May 2008. The first thing that struck me was their kindness, sincere hospitality and intellectual interest in the topic of brands. It was a fascinating time since after giving an interview in Bilbao we had a most interesting discussion in the car about the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation and branding. I was treated to a visit to the MCC Headquarters where there was a fascinating video presentation followed by a really insightful explanation by a senior person at MCC. It was so interesting to start to learn more about a structure where values based commercial behaviour is engrained in a successful economic and social organisation. "Humanity at work" so correctly summarises the essence of this living brand.

Having been treated to an intellectual pleasure I then enjoyed a wonderful drive through the beauty of the Basque countryside to San Sebastian. The sight of the sun getting lower over the sea at San Sebastian really was a beautiful sight. I learnt even more about Mondragon University and the extremely efficiently organised conference at a thoroughly enjoyable dinner with the Vice Chancellor, the Dean, Mikel, Amaia, Juanjo Brizuela and the lady leading the administrative organisation of the conference. The Basque dinner was superb and the conversation fascinating.

The simultaneously translated conference had great speakers and I am sorry that I had to leave at 13.00 but had to catch a flight and was kindly driven back to the airport by Mikel. I had the pleasure of listening to Aingeru Gabina explaining with a stunning presentation the evolution of the Converse brand and the way it kept in tune with social changes.

My memories of this short stay are nothing but great respect for the team at Mondragon University, the MCC and the warmth and friendship extended to me. The annual conference they run on branding is first class, attracted great speakers and a large number of really interested delegates. The conference was excellently organised and it was superb to see such forward thinking presenters happy to share their knowledge of brands. Given the economic and social importance of brands it is clear that this geographical area is working hard to be at the front of advancing practical knowledge about brand management. My travels in the short time enabled me to appreciate the beauty of the Basque countryside, which is a gem.

Leslie de Chernatony
Professor of Brand Marketing

Birmingham University Business School

Thanks to you, Leslie, for your speech and all the insights you gave us about branding, marketing and another interesting topics. We really hope keeping in touch in the future,

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aurzelai dijo...

Congratulations Mikel, Amaia and Juanjo!!

Susana dijo...

Plazerra izan zen Leslie ezagutzea eta bere ponentzia entzutea. Hurrengo ediziorako maila altua jarrita dago.

amaia aizpuru dijo...

I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie and also the pleasure of listening to him speaking about such an interesting subject for me. Thanks Leslie!